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#KURank: #12 Brannen Greene

Brannen Greene kicks off a new feature at RCT, ranking the 12 rotation players

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Last year we ranked every player on the Kansas roster, but this year we're giving you a trimmed down version so we can write a stand alone post about every player rather than cramming everyone into a post or two. We'll roll them out periodically over the next three weeks before Kansas begins its season November 3rd against Washburn. Starting off, Brannen Greene. As always, keep in mind this is my ranking, not any type of prediction of how much playing time they'll get.

12. Brannen Greene | Sophomore | 2013 #KURank: 8

Greene struggled a bit last season for the Jayhawks, playing in just 6.5 minutes per  game. His best game came in the loss to Kansas State, where he had 10 points and 5 rebounds in 15 minutes played, and his ball pressure and pressure on the inbounds man as part of Kansas's press helped the Jayhawks force overtime. Greene, billed as an elite outside shooter, was too inconsistent with that part of his game and struggled too much defensively for Bill Self to rely on him.

What he does well:

Greene is, in theory, a good shooter. He shot just 33% from three last year and 45.5% from two, but while I love stats more than anyone here I will certainly take a kid's scouting report to heart more than his shooting numbers when said numbers are based on just 30 total three pointers, spaced over erratic playing time. Greene's 84% mark from the free throw line adds some optimism as well.

At 6'7", it's probably fair to say that Greene should be a better rebounder, but posted a nice defensive rebounding percentage, especially when keeping in mind that wings never rebound well in Bill Self's system.

What he does poorly:

Despite being 6'7" and blessed with a long wingspan, Greene isn't a very good perimeter defender yet. Some of that is due to footspeed issues, but some of it was needing to adjust to Bill Self's defensive system. He didn't stand out as worse than anyone else (other than Wiggins) on Kansas's poor perimeter defense last year, though not standing out is a problem in and of itself.

Greene, as Freshmen are wont to do, also had problems with turnovers.

2014-15 outlook:

Greene will probably be the last guard off the bench, especially after Bill Self's comments at media day were not too encouraging. Self has said no redshirts were coming this year, though Greene might take one or, after Andrew White, might be the second wing to transfer out in as  many years.