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Bill Self talks Kansas Basketball at Big 12 Media Day

Bill Self fielded a few questions at the podium for Big 12 Media Day this morning.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprisingly short Q&A session this morning, Bill Self answered a handful of questions from media at the Big 12 men's basketball media day. He only spoke for 7 or 8 minutes, but here's a short summary of what was discussed.

On how the team looks defensively for the upcoming season: Self acknowledged that last year may have been his worst defensive team at Kansas. He mentioned that Joel Embiid won defensive player of the year, but said that Andrew Wiggins was actually their best defender, and now they are trying to replace both. He said that although they won't have a rim protector like Embiid this season, he feels the overall defensive energy of this team will be better than last year's group, and believes they could be a better defensive team despite losing Wiggins and Embiid.

On the number of college athletes in hot water for autographs: Self said that they talk to the players about autographs, and try to limit them to the public autograph sessions the team sets up. They prefer players sign personalized autographs for children, but brought up that sometimes individuals will pay kids to get multiple autographed items, then will turn around and sell it. Self did not give the impression that he supports the NCAA's autograph policy, but didn't criticize it outright.

On if there is a lot of parity in the conference right now: "I dont' know." Self believes the Big 12 was the best conference in the country last year, and that there will be a lot of good teams this year, though he did not mention any teams specifically. He said Kansas will need to do well in their non-conference schedule to set up their RPI for later in the season.

On competition for playing time in the backcourt: He said that Selden will play a lot, but did not mention anyone else by name. He believes they have seven great (or at least really good) perimeter players, but there's no way to play all of them. There will be a lot of competition for minutes, and he expects to play five perimeter players, possibly six. He said the practices have been "heated" among this group with a lot of competition. He said it will be two or three weeks before he has a feel for what the rotation will be to start the season, and guaranteed the rotation at the beginning of the season will not be the same as it is at the end.

Believe it or not, those were all the questions he was asked. He didn't say anything that gives us much insight into the rotation or what type of team to expect this year. Selden playing a lot was a given, since he's the only returning starter in the backcourt. It sounds like there will be one, possibly two odd men out on the perimeter out of: Mason, Frankamp, Graham, Selden, Oubre, Svi and Greene. My money would be on Svi and Greene on the outside looking in. One thing we can say for certain is that the first exhibition against Washburn is less than three weeks away, at which point we'll be able to stop talking about the team in pure hypotheticals.