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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.13.14

A look-see around today's internets.

Ed Zurga

Rain, rain, go away, we wanna watch the Royals today!!

- Kansas Sports -

Junior Cummings provides spark at QB |

Despite taking three sacks and getting hit numerous other times both on the run and in the pocket, Cummings never appeared to get rattled. His teammates saw and appreciated that and fed off of his get-back-up-and-keep-fighting approach.

The Day After: A close call vs. the Cowboys | Tale of the Tait |

Consistent effort and progress is what Bowen has preached since taking over and, even though things weren't perfect against the Cowboys, it's hard to argue that both were not achieved during KU's latest outing.

KU's Michael Cummings shows ability to connect on big passing plays |

“The run game has always been there,” said Tony Pierson, who made a 24-yard grab. “If we can connect downfield with the guys we have on our team, it’s better for our offense.” That was especially the case against Oklahoma State, which held the Jayhawks to 91 rushing yards. When Cozart was starting at quarterback, most of his passes were short and quick and relied on the receiver to do most of the work. Bowen planned on changing that up by looking long more often.  (Mr. Ed says: Gosh, who around here has been saying this all year?  Oh yeah, ME.)

Sunday Rewind: KU’s Michael Cummings emerges as intriguing option at quarterback | The Kansas City Star

Despite never beginning a season as Kansas' starting quarterback, Cummings is not exactly some scrap-metal player, riding out his career while taking up a spot on the depth chart. A former Turner Gill recruit, Cummings was a three-star QB from the state of Texas, a dual-threat athlete who drew interest from Baylor and TCU.

Vegas prep Zimmerman wowed by KU, Late Night |

Zimmerman will visit Kentucky for Friday’s Big Blue Madness with three other players who made official visits to KU for Late Night — Carlton Bragg, Jaylen Brown and Brandon Ingram. Zimmerman also will visit UCLA on Oct. 24, Arizona on Nov. 7 and North Carolina at a yet-to-be-determined date. He’s also considering UNLV and Indiana and will not choose a school until spring. He has also said he will not be signing a letter of intent, merely a grant in aid with a school as protection in case the coach leaves for another job.

KU basketball's Kelly Oubre not playing, acting like freshman |

“He's probably the guy that it’s harder for me to make a true evaluation on right now because, I mean, the guy is really good,” KU coach Bill Self said. “He's good enough he’s not going to be at Kansas for a long time. But we’ve got to be able to plug him in to take advantage of what he does.”

University of Kansas Athletics - KU Women’s Golf Finishes Second in Colorado

For the third time this season, the Kansas women's golf team placed in the top-three as the Jayhawks finished second at the Ron Moore Women's Intercollegiate at the Highlands Ranch Golf Course Sunday.

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Observations: Sooners poised to draw some attention this season -

Why is Oklahoma being overlooked? Maybe it's because it didn't win a game in last year's NCAA Tournament and was knocked out of the Round of 64 by North Dakota State. Maybe it's because other teams in the Big 12 like Kansas, Texas and Iowa State are just a little bit more mainstream right now. Whatever it is, the lack of attention won't last once games get going in a few weeks.

- Professional Sports -

OKC's Kevin Durant suffers right foot fracture, could miss 6-8 weeks -

The Oklahoma City Thunder announced Sunday that Kevin Durant has suffered what is called a Jones fracture in his right foot. The injury usually requires surgery and the reigning MVP forward could miss 6-8 weeks of time with the injury.

- Videos of the Day -

Let's guess what Buffalo's Duke Williams was thinking on worst P.I. ever | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

NFL players take pass interference calls all the time, and some are bad, but none are quite as bad as the one Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams took on Sunday.

Bills player gets 15-yard penalty for apparently slapping own teammate | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

All of a sudden, a flag was thrown. There was a penalty on Hughes, 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. For what? All we can see on the replay is Hughes hitting Powell on the helmet in a big pile. Maybe something was said, maybe Hughes did something else, but from just the camera angles on TV it looked like Hughes got a penalty for ... slapping his own teammate in celebration. There's nothing on the rest of the replays that shows anything else that he did to deserve a 15-yard call right there. If it was a straight up celebration penalty, it was a bad call.

VIDEO: Ronnie Price gets a tech for throwing his shoe at Andre Iguodala -

Lakers guard Ronnie Price summed up the Lakers' debaclisaster of preseason game vs. the Warriors Sunday. (they were down 63-36 at one point. It was an early point.) The veteran guard lost his shoe trying to lose noted defender Andre Iguodala and... well... He threw it at him.

WATCH: Bengals' Jeremy Hill celebrates TD with 'Ickey Shuffle' -

The Ickey Shuffle's been blowing up lately after a GEICO commercial showed former Bengals running back Ickey Woods celebrating his number being called at a deli.