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K-Uniform Review: Oklahoma State

What did the Kansas football team wear in their game this past weekend? We examine the good, the bad, and the ugly of the game against the Cowboys.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

KU finally wore their blue helmets for this contest, which I welcome with open arms. There were a few small details from this game that were brand new to KU’s uniform set. Let’s take a look.

The Blue Helmet

Now that we’ve seen KU’s full arsenal of helmets (four in total), the trend of having the enlarged Jayhawk on each is complete. The blue helmets looked great and are the first this season to feature a stripe down the center. In fact, these helmets are the first KU helmets to feature a center stripe since 2009.

The Dark Grey Pants

KU broke out the dark grey pants for the first time this season, but they were different from the dark greys that they wore last season. These featured the familiar thick blue stripe with a red outline down the side. Perhaps these are replacing the light grey/metallic grey pants that became a fixture in the Mangino era and were reinstated last season. I hope not, because I love those, but these looked OK as well.

These dark grey pants are a big improvement on the stripeless dark greys from last year. Strangely, they also used those old pants in the promo for the initial game of the season where the fans voted on the uniforms. The next step will be to completely eradicate the grey jerseys because those are hideous.

Overall Grade: B+

How’d the Teams Look Together?

Oklahoma State wore white helmets featuring their cartoon mascot Pistol Pete. KU wins the battle of cartoon mascots by a million miles. OSU also wore white jerseys and light grey pants. The pant color that the Cowboys wore is the exact color I want KU to wear, but when they were on the field together, there was just too much grey. If OSU would have worn orange or black pants, the game would have looked better.

In the 2014 KU uniform preview, I said that KU would wear their Crimson Chrome getup this week, but since they wore them against Texas, I knew my prediction would be off. That said, I’m glad I was wrong.

Prediction: Crimson Chrome

Preference: Red/Blue/Red

Here’s the updated table:




Points (Total)

SE Missouri



3 (3)

at Duke



3 (6)

Central Michigan



0 (6)


CC or B/DG/R


1 (7)

at West Virginia



1 (8)

Oklahoma State



0 (8)

at Texas Tech



Key: B=Blue, W=White, R=Red, LG=Light Grey, DG=Dark Grey, CC=Crimson Chrome

Next week, when KU travels to Lubbock to play Texas Tech, I think I have a better than average chance of predicting the uniforms correctly. More importantly, I also feel like KU has a legitimate chance of winning.