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College Football Open Thread: Week 7

Kick it with your fellow Jayhawk fans while following other action across the country.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Jump over to our own gameday open thread anytime after 2 PM, but before and after the 'Hawks play, feel free to come here and talk about the rest of the day's action in college football and/or Late Night in the Phog, which occurred last night.

As usual, below is your schedule of Top-25 games for this weekend.  I also included a few "games of interest."  No, you will not find the LSU-Florida game in the list below.  Not all SEC games are important.

Games are listed in the order they are scheduled to start.

All times CENTRAL.

11:00 AM  #1 Florida State @ Syracuse

Beatdown city, baby.

11:00 AM  Texas VS #11 Oklahoma (Dallas, TX)

I feel like this is gonna be a beatdown as well.

11:00 AM  #13 Georgia @ #23 Missouruh

Ugh I hate Missouruh.

11:00 AM  West Virginia @ Texas Tech

I'd take the over on this one if I was a gambling man.

11:00 AM  Indiana @ Iowa

Pillowfight of the week candidate here.

11:30 AM  Duke @ #22 Georgia Tech

Come on Duke.

12:00 PM  Buffalo @ Eastern Michigan

Another pillowfight of the week candidate.

2:30 PM  #2 Auburn @ #3 Mississippi State

I got a fever.  And the only cure... is more cowbell.

2:30 PM  #9 TCU @ #5 Baylor

The Big 12's version of the Holy War.

2:30 PM  North Carolina @ #6 Notre Dame

2:30 PM  #8 Michigan State @ Purdue

Criminy the Big 10 is boring.

2:30 PM  #12 Oregon @ #18 UCLA

This could be a barn burner as well.

2:30 PM  Toledo @ Iowa State

Why does ISU schedule the FCS and non-"power five" schools that are actually good?

3:00 PM  #16 Oklahoma State @ Kansas

Upset alert?  Nah.

5:00 PM  #7 Alabama @ Arkansas

Why the heck does this game start at 5 PM local time?

6:00 PM  #19 East Carolina @ South Florida

I'm sad that East Carolina has a better football program than Kansas.

6:00 PM  Penn State @ Michigan

How will the boycott go?  I'm eager to find out.  Ok, not eager.  But interested.

8:00 PM  #3 Ole Miss @ #14 Texas A&M

I honestly don't care about this game, but it could be entertaining.

9:30 PM  Southern Cal @ #10 Arizona

I think it would be awesome if Arizona made the playoff.