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Iowa State Hires Mark Mangino as Offensive Coordinator

Iowa State Hires Mark Mangino as Offensive Coordinator

In the other news category, Iowa State has just announced the hiring of former Kansas head coach Mark Mangino.  No not in some lesser role or some consulting role, Mangino will be running the offense as we see a further movement toward his return to a head coaching job.

Sadly this means Mangino will have the opportunity to stick it to the University of Kansas, even more disappointing is the fact that in hindsight I think most fans wish things would have worked out.  Needless to say it has not been good in Lawrence since his departure, and while it was slipping prior to his ugly exit, Mangino did seem to know what it was going to take to win at Kansas.

Now the Jayhawks are led by Charlie Weis.  Whether you like him or don't, Weis hasn't produced the way Mangino did and while it's still very early in the Weis tenure, it would be debatable if his team has made any marked improvement on the field since the departure of Turner Gill.

From Orange Bowl to Turner Gill to Charlie Weis.  Kansas football has fallen a long way, Mark Mangino fell a long way as well, but the big man appears to be getting back on his feet.  So when will Kansas football do the same?