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Kansas vs. Iowa State: Jayhawks Strengthen Hold in the Big 12

Kansas vs. Iowa State: Jayhawks Strengthen Hold in the Big 12

There were times when this one got close, but all in all this was a very solid performance by the Jayhawks. Five players in double figures, a huge night from one of their biggest stars and a solid a savvy performance from their junior floor leader. It felt comfortable a lot of the night despite the occasional Iowa State run and now Kansas heads to Austin with a chance to really put a stranglehold on the Big 12 title chase.

Heading into the year the Cyclones were viewed as one of the major challengers. With a season sweep of Iowa State, Kansas has all but ensured that Fred Hoiberg's team won't be in the mix in the end and Kansas is all in with their bid for ten. It's been a fun ride this season already and there is still a lot of basketball to be played. When this team was hitting those bumps back in December it was a little concerning, but this is exactly what we all hoped would happen. A young group of players improving every night and weathering the constant threat from the gauntlet of Big 12 teams who would like nothing more than to end the Jayhawks run of Big 12 titles.

One game at a time, Kansas now sits 7-0 in the league. Texas in Austin is looking like a very challenging game on Saturday and could pose one of the more difficult road tests to date. They're all pretty tough in this league, but this one has been building and should be interesting.