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Kansas Basketball: Jayhawks Re-enter Top Ten

Kansas Basketball: Jayhawks Re-enter Top Ten

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

After a non conference schedule that left Jayhawk fans pulling their hair out, the dust has settled and things are looking up.  Kansas reenters the top ten in the national rankings this week checking in at no. 8 in the national poll.  The move comes after a our game stretch with wins over four nationally ranked teams in no. 25 Oklahoma, no. 22 Kansas State, no. 16 Iowa State and no. 11 Oklahoma State.

The move sets up another ranked matchup as Kansas will host no. 24 Baylor tonight in Lawrence.  If Kansas can manage a win the Jayhawks will start league play with five wins over five ranked opponents.  How often has that been done?

Furthermore, this Kansas teams non-conference losses continue to look more and more legitimate as three of the four losses come against teams that are still ranked ahead of Kansas.  The Jayhawks lost on the road to no. 6 Florida, on a neutral court to no. 4 Villanova and at home to no. 7 San Diego State.  Throw in the fact that Colorado's recent drop was brought on by a season ending injury to their best player and Kansas realistically lost to four teams that could have been in the top ten today if the Buffaloes hasn't experienced such a bad break.

It's an impressive run over the last two weeks and the Kansas Jayhawk schedule is living up to every ounce of the hype this year.  Here's hoping this pays huge dividends in March.