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Kansas-Georgetown Defensive Scoresheet

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Don't know what's going on here? Click this link.

The Jayhawks got back to their defensive ways against Georgetown, giving up 64 points in 68 possessions. Holding a team who shoots 56% from two on the season to just 46% is a valiant effort, and it shows up in the scoresheet, though not in the players you might expect:


Some notes:

The final possession totals and shot totals are going to be a bit off here because I didn't count anything the subs did. It throws off the final numbers at the bottom a bit, but other than that the numbers for the players are what they should be.

It was a bit of a rough one for a couple of the perimeter guys, especially Wiggins, but at least with Wiggins it was guys hitting tough shots in his face. Guys like Mason and Tharpe were getting driven around pretty regularly. And, while Selden was pretty good on the ball in this one, he lost his man around screens way too often.

Obviously don't read into Greene or Lucas's numbers given how little they played.

Lastly, I think Perry Ellis is back to being a little underrated defensively. He had a couple rough games earlier in the year but he's starting to get back to where he was last year. Maybe having Embiid come into his own has helped Ellis play a bit differently defensively.