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Defensive Scoresheet from Kansas vs Oklahoma

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Hey remember this game! We have a bit of a backlog, but hopefully I'll get through them within the next couple of weeks (additionally, I don't know if CBS archives their games the way ESPN does, so if any one knows please let me know).

As always, first the chart and then the comments. Don't know what's going on? Start here:


  • In what was Andrew Wiggins' worst games defensively, he still showed relatively well in this one, forcing more misses than all but two other players
  • Jamari Traylor, though he didn't have the lowest rating, was the big winner for me in this one. Even though he allowed 5 field goals, three of them were stepback jumpers by smaller guys who still couldn't get around him. It's unfortunate it doesn't totally show up here, because he was great.
  • Embiid struggled with some late help in this one, but as we now know, he sure learned from it
  • Perry Ellis doesn't look great out there defensively all the time, but he had another nice effort in this one. I think he's a guy who is better at guarding guys on the perimeter rather than strictly playing post defense. He was asked to go out and pick up smaller guys in this one, and he benefited from it.
  • Lastly, you'll note there are more forced misses and allowed makes by the "team" in general in this one. That's because a lot of times OU players were open for jumpers and it was a combination of everyone's fault. It seemed unfair to give credit to the nearest guy, or dock the nearest guy.