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Graph Time! Usage vs. Efficiency

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I used to do these a lot more often, but this is the first one of the year (which is weird, because now it's a lot less labor intensive for me to do so.). Anyways, per usual, I'll publish the graph and then we'll talk about it below:

Normally the middle of the vertical axis (offensive rating) is 100, but Kansas has so many guys between 100 and 110 I altered it so as to not be so clustered. For explanations of usage rate and offensive rating, the glossary at Basketball Reference is a good start. Some notes:

  • for those who think Andrew Wiggins is so passive, he's leading a team with possibly 3 lottery picks and maybe 4 NBA players in shots and usage rate. That doesn't seem so passive to me. Also, think about all of the times Wiggins gets hammered and doesn't draw a call, and he's still drawing the second most fouls on the team (5.5 per 40 minutes).
  • Joel Embiid has been amazing. Second in usage, grabbing a ton of offensive rebounds, and is the fourth best assist guy on the team. He could do to cut back on the turnovers though.
  • Even with his recent struggles, Perry Ellis is still shooting very well, not really turning it over, and cleaning up the glass well.
  • Lastly, this dead horse is probably good and beaten right now, but I'm not sure why Andrew White isn't playing. He has a higher usage rate and offensive rating than Wayne Selden, and much better than Greene in both.