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Kansas Football: Starting the Season With a Win! 31-14 Final

Kansas starts the season with a win over the South Dakota Coyotes, 31-14.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Jayhawks opened the 2013 season with a win over the South Dakota Coyotes.  This shouldn't be a surprise but some of us still have bad memories, so we take what we can get.  Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the game in any fashion even though I live within 45 minutes of Lawrence.  From the sounds of Bob Davis and with the numbers to back it up, the ground game led the way for the good guys.  Overall, it seemed like there was some good and (as you would expect) some bad.  I don't really know for sure because I wasn't able to actually watch the game.  Lets go through some of the positives first.

We won. In one game, the win total from last year has already been equaled. Moving up in the world.

James Sims ran for 94 yards on 16 carries, averaging 5.9 yards per carry.  Sims also had two touchdowns on the ground, one for 1 yard and a 6 yard run.  I don't know how he looked though because I couldn't watch the game.  Sims wasn't the only bright spot on the ground. As a team, they gained 280 yards through rushing.  Darrian Miller had 86 yards, Tony Pierson had 47 yards on 5 carries, Taylor Cox had 44 yards, and Brandon Bourbon added another 32 yards on two runs.  That's a great output by the backs and I'm guessing the line had to do some work as well, though I don't know because I couldn't watch the game.

We had a wide receiver catch a touchdown!

The defense contained the passing game all night, allowing only 67 yards in the air.  The defense also allowed South Dakota to only convert 3 out of 13 third downs.  Sounded good at least, I didn't see it.

The special teams unit performed well.  Solid returns and a 45 yard field goal.  They got Bob Davis excited on the radio.

Areas of Concern

From those lucky enough to watch the game, reports are that Heaps threw a pretty good ball throughout the night.  However, the passing game only added 110 yards and Heaps was 10-20.  Sounds like drops were more of an issue than accuracy, though I'm not sure because that's tough to tell on the radio.  Either way, we knew the receivers were a question mark and this confirmed that the passing game stills needs some work.

Defensively the Coyotes gained 219 yards on the ground.  They averaged 5.1 yards per carry.  If the defense can stop the air game and allow yards on the ground, it might work out.  Counting on that probably isn't a good idea though.  Defensive line and linebackers need to better I would assume, not entirely sure because I couldn't watch the game.

Penalties.  9 penalties for 71 yards is a hurdle the team doesn't need to place in front of them.

It's time to get ready for Rice and clean up some aspects that weren't up to par.