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Kansas Wins on Last Second Field Goal! 13-10

Kansas finally takes advantage of multiple breaks in the game to win on a last second field goal, 13-10.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Jayhawks win!  Time to celebrate today because anyone that watched this game knows they had no business winning.  Outgained throughout the day and two fumbles by Louisiana Tech inside the five yard line provided every break imaginable and finally Jake Heaps and company took advantage on the last possession.  Starting at the 5 yard line following Kenneth Dixon's fumble, the Jayhawks went 60 yards on eight plays.  A couple runs by Sims and three big completions from Jake Heaps, Matthew Wyman came on nailed a 52 yarder for the win.

I'm too excited after that one to worry too much about everything that happened before the last possession.  Trevor Pardula was an invaluable with punts of 57, 65, and 78 yards to give La. Tech long fields all day.  Jake Heaps looked good on the last drive, throwing his best pass of the game to gain 29 yards to set up the final kick.  And Wyman showed balls of steel in drilling the winner.

Again, we've doubled the win total from last year.  Rock Chalk and celebrate!