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Kansas Basketball Recruiting: Too Good To Be True

Kansas Basketball Recruiting: Too Good To Be True

Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

File this one under things too good to be true.  Evan Daniels, a Fox Sports college basketball recruiting analyst, tweeted earlier this morning that he's hearing Kansas leads for the top THREE big men in the 2014 class.  That list would include Jahlil Okafor, Myles Turner and Cliff Alexander.

Landing all three would seem to be next to impossible but it's interesting to hear that Kansas could be out in front for all three.  Even being out in front for two of these three would be a tremendous position to be in considering Kansas only has two known scholarships available.  There has been a lot of talk regarding other players that might declare early opening up further room, but right now we're talking about Tariq Black and Andrew Wiggins as the two that will be gone at the end of this year.

For what it's worth Okafor has also long been rumored as a Duke lean and the Turner momentum seems to have subsided a bit as more and more options are made available to him.  At this point Alexander continues to sound like the most likely early commit if Kansas were to land one of these three in the Fall.  If Bill Self had an opening and secured one of the other two at a later date it would be an incredible follow up to a outstanding 2013 class.

Just another day in the college basketball recruiting rumor mill, but this one certainly gets the imagination running wild.