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Kansas Basketball: Potential Package Deal in the Works?

After Jaquan Lyle decommitted from Louisville, rumors abound that he and Cliff Alexander are headed to Kansas

Ethan Miller

A decommitment could end up shaking up the 2014 recruiting class. While there are tons of rumors that five star prospects Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones are a package deal, most of the reports have them - or at least Jones - leaning towards Duke. So if Okafor wants to join his friend at a school, it looks like it will have to be in Durham, even though the pair have offers from a handful of other schools, notably Kansas.

But last night Cliff Alexander, a highly touted prospect in his own right, tweeted that he and Jaquan Lyle will be going to college together:

Reading between the lines (not so subtly, I might add) this could point to Kansas for a couple of reasons. First:

Now that's not exactly the most solid source in the world, but Sylvie does have quite a few sources in AAU basketball, so it is at least worth looking at.

The kicker, though, probably came today in a CBS article about the duo. Lyle, the 19th ranked player in the class of 2014 according to the rankings composite done by 247sports, said that Indiana, UConn, Memphis, Arizona, Baylor and Kansas have all contacted him since he decommitted. Which school would he have the toughest time saying no to?

"It would probably be Kansas."

I am not a huge recruiting guy, as I have mentioned over and over, but Lyle would be a great addition to the backcourt next year, where it figures to be Naadir Tharpe, Frank Mason and Conner Frankamp, and of all the class of 2014 players I have seen on tape (granted, limited viewings), Cliff Alexander is the guy I want most to come to KU. So if the rumors are true, Kansas could be backing up one of its best recruiting classes ever with another very strong effort.