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Kansas Falls to the Rice Owls

Bad offense holds the Jayhawks back on the road against Rice.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The road losing streak continues for the Jayhawks as they fall to the Rice Owls 23-14.  Lots of mixed thoughts and emotions going on right now about this season, team, and program.  The Jayhawk defense certainly performed well enough to earn a win tonight.  Rice gained only 370 yards on the night, even though they had the ball about 10 minutes longer than the Jayhawks.  The Kansas secondary kept the Rice receivers in check for most of the night, breaking up passes and picking off a pass to set up the second touchdown of the game for the offense.  Ben Heeney seemed to be all over the place.  Dexter McDonald did a nice job in pass coverage, breaking up 3 passes.

This game was lost by the offense, I don't think anyone can say otherwise.  Multiple opportunities to play field position were thrown away by curious (I'm looking at you backwards pass) play-calling.  Dropped passes all over the place.  The bread and butter ground game was close to non-existent, finishing the game with 100 yards total.  Somehow, Jake Heaps finished the game with 11 carries credited to him, though I'd estimate half of those were passing plays that ended up with Heaps running the ball or being sacked.  Darrian Miller, Brandon Bourbon, and Tony Pierson combined for FOUR carries for 19 yards.  FOUR ******* carries.

What do you think?  Is hope lost?  I'm not there yet.  Rice is not a bad team and the defense went toe to toe all night until the last drive of the game.  The offense though...yikes.  After two games, it's almost like a replay of the 2012.

Stay tuned, we'll have plenty more in-depth coverage through the early part of the week before we turn the page to La. Tech.