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Kansas Football 2013: Kevin Short Ruled Ineligible

Kevin Short Ruled Ineligible

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

One big reason for the excitement surrounding the Kansas recruiting class this past year was the amount of impact junior college players that Kansas was perceived to have landed.  Unfortunately that list continues to take hits as time passes.  Today it was announced that Kevin Short has been ruled ineligible and will not be able to participate in games during the 2013 season.

"Late yesterday we received notice from the NCAA that Kevin Short (junior, cornerback) would not be allowed to compete in games this year. Their rationale was that because Kevin has a redshirt year available it would be best spent solidifying his academics. He will still have two years of eligibility remaining after this season."

"We are extremely disappointed with this decision. Kevin's junior college transcript was better than most and indicated no reason to expect anything other than academic success. He was admitted to Kansas as a regular admit with grades and transferable hours exceeding entrance requirements, yet the NCAA ruled to take away competition this year. We asked the NCAA representatives to allow Kevin to speak to them so he could show them how he had overcome adversity in life to become a proud new student, but they rejected that request."

"Although I am disappointed for our team, I am much more concerned for Kevin personally. We discussed the situation with Kevin today and although it was tough to explain the rationale of the NCAA, we are moving forward turning this into a redshirt year focusing on academics."

The good news is that Short will still have two years to play after taking a redshirt this year.  Charlie Weis is clearly a bit annoyed with the NCAA and honestly I think that extends beyond the coach down to the fans.  Hopefully players like Short, Bolton and Jenkins-Moore can all contribute to the Jayhawks in the future, but for now it's another player that Kansas was hoping for a contribution from, sitting on the bench.