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Bill Self NBA Rumors: Panic!!!!! Or Don't

Bill Self wouldn't close the door on NBA rumors during his induction to the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame, but the door is pretty closed


On Monday, after he was inaugurated into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame, Bill Self said that he hadn't been tempted by the NBA yet, but said "at some point and time, sure, I think it would (tempt me)".

If the alarm bells are sounding, I have some good news. First, you're probably not alone. But second, there's probably nothing to be worried about. Self has enjoyed unparalleled success at Kansas, and has been rewarded for that success by being heavily compensated. He currently makes over $5 million per year, and if he stays at Kansas through the end of his next contract he is due for one time bonuses of $2.63 million in 2015 and 2018 and if he does make it all the way to the end he will collect a cool $6 million bonus at the end of his deal. With his son Tyler in the fold for the next three years, an imminent departure is unlikely.

Self was praised by Sam Presti at the induction Monday, with the latter stating Self possesses the ability to adapt and adjust, just like the best coaches are able to. Self obviously wouldn't comment on the Thunder opening specifically due to Scott Brooks already being there, but the Thunder and Spurs are the two most often cited jobs.

In the end, I think that while Self has the personality and the smarts to both manage the egos of the NBA and do very well Xs and Os wise, the fact that he can pretty much choose his roster at Kansas, and have full say as to what goes on in the program, will keep him in Lawrence until he finishes his contract (the money probably helps a little).

But if you need further persuading, think of all the times Self mentions the great tradition at Kansas and all of the legendary names that have proceeded him. Now consider the fact that if he stays for his entire contract, there is a good chance he'll leave Lawrence as the best coach in the history of Kansas. Some people could maybe walk away from that, but I don't think Bill Self could.