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Housekeeping: The Summer is Ova!

Housekeeping: The Summer is Ova!

Hey all, just a quick housekeeping note.  I've been pretty absent over the summer.  Burnt out, busy with a whole lot of other things and just generally needed to step back for a variety of reasons.  With that said I've got to give it at least one more go before I decide for sure if I'm ready to pass the torch and move on a bit.

The season starts tonight, with the Kansas focus beginning next week.  That means I'm going to jump back in the saddle around here and would love some help.  I'm not looking for greatness, but just conversation.  If any of the current authors or anyone interested in writing feels like they can help step things up with the start of the season, I'd love to hear from you

My hope would be to iron out a bit of an editorial schedule as we've done in the past and mix in one off things when the time feels right.  I greatly appreciate Misterbrain's contributions with the news and notes and Bryon's efforts on the Big 12 team capsules.  It's simple things like that keep the place alive with a pulse.   So bear with me as we get things going, apologies for the summer lull, but I'll refocus here and try to get back to pushing some good Kansas football/basketball conversation on a daily basis.

Thoughts, suggestions, comments, concerns?  Email me or feel free to throw something in the comments.