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Quarterback TJ Millweard Transfers to Kansas


TJ Millweard left UCLA on amicable terms, with the Texas native deciding Southern California just was not the right fit for him. He was spotted at KU practice yesterday, fueling speculation that he was going to enroll at Kansas next.

Those suspicions were confirmed today as Millweard will be transferring to Kansas and will be eligible to play in 2014.

I won't pretend to know much about Millweard, but obviously quarterback depth is great to have. He has the size (6'4") and though was rated a 3 star prospect by Rivals out of high school, he was also ranked the 23rd best pro style quarterback in his class, which is better than I'd think a team who won 1 game last year would be able to reel in, and he had offers from Arkansas, Kansas State and Virginia Tech.

Millweard probably won't be able to unseat Jake Heaps from the starting job (fingers crossed) but he provides good depth and will have, if my math is correct, two years of eligibility once Heaps leaves, so the quarterback position looks to be in fairly good hands for the near future.

For more on Millweard you can check out Bruins Nation's post on his transfer