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Kansas Football 2013 Positional Previews: Tight End

Kansas Football 2013 Positional Previews: Tight End


Tight end was another position that was a bit disappointing in 2012 despite a promising transfer.  Mike Ragone was good in some aspects, but in terms of making this position an aspect of the offensive attack, that didn't really happen.  Ragone was a strong leader with good skills as a blocking tight end, but with the issues in the passing game he really never got his legs under him as a receiving threat.

This year everyone is hoping we start to see a shift in that area.  Now I think first and foremost it's important that anyone at this spot can provide the same blocking ability as Ragone because Kansas will look to run the ball.  However, the addition of Jake Heaps and another year of optimism in the passing game brings with it some hope that this can be a spot where we see some of the athletes recruited in years past start to produce.


Jimmay Mundine - 6'2" 240, Jr

Mundine is one of the leaders of this team and after several seasons spent on the list of 'potential breakout players', his maturity level appears to have more with his physical abilities.  That's good news for the position and good news for Kansas.  Mundine should be the starer when all is said and done and while he might not be the best blocker at the position, he's improved in that area and provides the most well rounded threat.

Next Up

Trent Smiley - 6'4" 245, Jr

Smiley was in a sort of fullback/tight end role last season and he probably presents the best blocking option at the position.  Smiley could still turn into a receiving threat but there isn't much in his past to suggest that is really his area of strength.  Good size, experience and decent depth to split time with Mundine.

Jordan Shelley Smith - 6'5" 245, RsFr

Shelley Smith is a Weis recruit that has the makeup of the type of tight end Weis has been successful with and the type of tight end that Weis will likely build with in the future.  He's been in the program a year and seems like the most likely candidate at this time to rotate in with Smiley and Mundine.

The Rest

Ben Johnson - 6'5" 235, Fr

Johnson feels a lot like Shelley Smith for a variety of reasons.  He's listed on the three deep that was released prior to training camp, but it seems likely that he would take a redshirt and move into the competition more seriously next year.

Charles Brooks - 6'6" 245, Sr

Brooks never materialized during the 2012 season and after spring ball he seems to have faded to the back.  That's not necessarily a good thing if you're a senior.  I suppose it's still possible that Brooks could work back into the rotation, but it seems more likely that he could provide a body for the practice squad and depart Kansas without making much noise.  Big body, very athletic, something hasn't clicked yet.

Nick Sizemore - 6'1" 245, Sr

Sizemore was brought in by Gill as a fullback.  He's been on the field and effective in special teams to an extent, but it's hard to see him making a major contribution at tight end outside of a potential extra blocker.

Scott Baron - 6'2" 243,RsSoph

Two years at Kansas, has yet to see the field on gameday.  These players are certainly necessary and needed in every program, but Baron wouldn't be option A, B or C on gameday.