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Kansas Football Gets New Uniforms for 2013

The Jayhawks will be sporting 5 different sets of uniforms this year


I never really was a fan of the old football uniforms, especially the helmets. The KU on them looked alright I guess, but the Jayhawk logo is so distinct and cool that I thought it should be shown off as much as possible.

Fortunately, now it will be. Kansas released new football uniforms today, and there will be five designs in all. Sophomore linebacker Schyler Miles put a photo of them all side by side on his instagram. A quick run down:

Jersey wise, the traditional home blue and white away jerseys look to be the same, which is fine by me. I definitely liked both looks. Kansas is also bringing back the black jerseys they wore for Senior night last year against Iowa State (which I got the feeling most people weren't fond of, but I liked them) and they also brought back the light blue throwbacks they wore against Texas Tech a couple years ago that were extremely popular.

On to the helmets which are, I think, the big addition. Gone is the KU on the side and three of the five helmets will sport the Jayhawk logo. The blue throwbacks will feature the number on the side and what might be everyone's favorite is a red helmet featuring the 1941 Jayhawk logo (here's a photo since it's cut off in Miles' picture). In addition the black and throwback blue helmets will have a matte finish, which I am a big fan of.

Here is a vine that Charlie Weis released showing all of the new uniform combinations. One thing I didn't see was the pants situation, so expect to see that at a coming date as well.

In all I give the new uniforms probably the highest grade I can give, which is the best that KU football has done in quite some time. Now it's time to make the results on the field look as good as the uniforms.