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Jeff Withey Drafted 39th Overall By Portland

Former Kansas Jayhawk Jeff Withey was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers 39th overall


Kansas has been a big man factory as of late, from Cole Aldrich to the Morris twins, to Thomas Robinson. But their most impressive output may be Jeff Withey. When he transferred to Kansas from Arizona, Withey was buried on the depth chart, looked lost on the floor, and looked like a guy who might not ever be anything other than a promising recruit.

But in Bill (and Andrea Hudy and Danny Manning) we trust. Withey transformed his body and his game and became the best interior defender in college basketball for two years in a row. He also improved his offensive game this year and while he won't ever be counted on for his scoring he showed a go to post move and the ability to hit a jumper. He also hit over 80% of his free throws as a Junior and if that's anywhere near his percentage as a pro he will have the added bonus of not having to be on the bench at the end of games due to free throw concerns.

Withey's long term future is probably as a back up center, but while he will never be a star he should have a decade or so long career as an interior defender, and with the way the league seems to be trending back towards big guys that should help Withey out.

If Portland keeps Withey, he will go to a team where he is probably the best 5 man on the team, with them having taken Meyers Leonard last year. LaMarcus Aldridge reportedly wants out so who knows what will happen with that, but as is I think Withey not only will make the roster but has a chance to sneak into the starting 5, and for sure play a lot of minutes.