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Kansas Related Draft Eve Links

Kansas is expected to have two first round picks in this year's draft, and a recent first round pick from Kansas could be on the move as well

Ronald Martinez

We should have a post or two up tomorrow about the NBA Draft, but to whet your appetite before then, let's see what others are saying about the draft and talk about it a little bit:

  • ESPN's Ryan Feldman says McLemore is the best player available in this class:
McLemore is efficient on both ends of the court and was extremely valuable to the Jayhawks last season. He led D-I freshmen in win shares -- a metric that estimates the number of wins contributed by a player due to his offense and defense.
Victor Oladipo is another shooting guard thought to be near the top of NBA draft boards, and although he is known as a ferocious defender, McLemore was the better on-ball defender last season, according to Synergy.

I am hoping I will be able to publish my draft board before the draft, but just in case I can't, I have McLemore on top. Some of the Blackstock stuff is unnerving, but he has the most upside of anyone in the draft and once he is able to spend all day playing basketball I think he will fix the deficiencies in his game no problem. Also he won't have to worry about things like, you know, having to feed his family, which should be a huge load off his shoulders

  • Next, it looks like the Rockets are trying to shed Thomas Robinson's contract so they can court Dwight Howard, and the Bulls are interested. The Bulls and Charlotte have also been reportedly talking about a Luol Deng for the 4th pick trade, which means McLemore and Robinson could be reunited on draft night. Thibodeau doesn't love playing young guys over veterans, but there's no doubt he would help both their games.
  • Draft Express reports that McLemore says he isn't getting out of the Top 5. Where do you think he will go and should go? Personally if I were the Cavs I'd take him at 1 and either trade Waiters or move him to the bench, but for some reason I have a feeling about him going 5th to Phoenix. (I'd have to get his jersey because I have always liked theirs).
  • Yahoo wants the Knicks to take Withey at 24:

His game is similar to that of Tyson Chandler.Withey is one of the top shot blockers in this year's draft, having blocked an average of four shots per game each of the past two seasons. With his 7' 2" wingspan he alters shots in the lane, making it difficult for opponents driving into the paint. Chandler was injured late in the season, and it showed in the playoffs. What scouts seem to like most about Withey is his ability as a big man to defend help-side as well as one-on-one. The idea is that it isn't easy to find a seven-footer with footwork this refined.

Obviously Withey is never going to be a scorer at the next level, and I have some questions about his pick and roll defense (though that can be improved) but he definitely will block shots and is a good enough one on one defender to be a backup center for the next decade. I also think it's an added bonus that he's a big man you don't have to worry about having on the floor at the end of games because he can make free throws.

That's all for now; we'll see you back here tomorrow for the NBA Draft.