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Kansas Football 2013: Good News...Bad News

Kansas got some good news on the recruiting front and some potentially bad news off the field late on Wednesday.


After a month of May where Kansas athletics couldn't seem to go wrong, a bit of bad news trickled out last night that could impact the 2013 season. At the same time, the Jayhawks did get more good news regarding the future and we'll start there. This month has included commitments on the football field from Kyron Watson, the transfer of Nick Harwell into the program and the reintroduction of Darrian Miller into the backfield. On the basketball court Kansas signed Andrew Wiggins, Tarik Black and they are on the verge of hiring Jerrance Howard.

To go along with the previously mentioned items, Jayhawkslant is reporting Charlie Weis received a commitment last night from Lawrence product and Kansas legacy Joe Dineen. Dineen is a 6'2" 200 pound three star safety prospect that plays just down the road at Free State high school. Dineen's mother played volleyball at Kansas and his grandfather played football for the Jayhawks during his time in Lawrence. Kansas was on Dineen early, at first he appeared to want to look around, but at the end of the day it sounds like he wanted to be a Jayhawk. All these things are very good news and very positive developments for Kansas athletics.

Unfortunately Kansas got some bad news. Chris Martin, who was a former top level recruit that recently transferred into Kansas, was arrested for a robbery related offense. The reported offense occurred on May 13th, but Martin was arrested along with former Jayhawk Jeremiah Edwards and one other individual. Martin was expected to be a pretty big piece to the revamped defensive line for Kansas, if the charges prove to be true and stick, he needs to go. Depending on his association or involvement, dismissal will need to be considered regardless.

Martin is someone who has had issues in the past. Charlie Weis is a coach of second chances. At the same time he has been quick to hold people accountable and this seems like a situation where Martin is going to have to show some pretty substantial proof here in order to remain on the team. Yes an individual is innocent until proven guilty, but an athlete representing the University of Kansas should be held to a higher standard. Ultimately Charlie Weis has taken each case individually and it's his decision, but it sure doesn't appear that things are looking good for Martin's future at Kansas.