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Kansas Football: Linebacker Kyron Watson Commits

Watson is the 4th ranked OLB according to ESPN

Sam Greenwood

Today was a great recruiting day for Kansas basketball, and it was a great recruiting day for Kansas football as well. Kyron Watson, the 4th ranked OLB by ESPN (4 star ESPN, 3 star Rivals) has committed to Charlie Weis and Kansas. Watson was supposed to be visiting Michigan this weekend but now it appears he will not be.

Watson is apparently a good run stuffer, but has shown the ability to be versatile as well:

Kyron Watson is a physical player better suited for a game in pads, however on this day he was able to frustrate running backs by getting them off their route.

According to our friends at Maize n Brew, Watson is a really good tackler, which is a plus with all of the offensive firepower in the Big 12.

On another note, Watson is a (semi) local kid, hailing from East St. Louis, and Coach Weis is starting to reel in more and more of those kids. I am not saying Kansas is on track to win a national title by any means, but it is certainly possible to build a consistent bowl team with kids from this area and utilizing the New Jersey pipeline he has going. If nothing else this adds to a defense that should be a lot better than the previous two versions.