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Kansas Basketball Recruiting: Andrew Wiggins to Decide Between Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina and Florida State

Today Andrew Wiggins, the most highly touted high school player since Lebron James, will make his college choice.


Today is the day that is going to make one fanbase a very excited fanbase. Andrew Wiggins, the most highly thought of high school player since Lebron James, is going to make his college decision. Wiggins will decide between four finalists including the Kansas Jayhawks, Florida State, North Carolina and Kentucky. The announcement will bring to a close one of the more closely monitored recruitment's, but at the same time it has been one of the more below the radar recruitment's in terms of hype due to the low key approach taken by Wiggins himself.

There aren't expected to be live cut ins from ESPN. There won't be a multitude of media members in attendance, and from what it sounds like there might not even be a table full of hats. Wiggins is making his decision known to friends, family and one local sports writer later this morning. Rest assured the rest of the college basketball world will be waiting for the first word to come out of that private ceremony, especially the fanbases of the four schools involved.

As of yesterday the popular choice was Florida State with Kansas gaining some late momentum. When Wiggins originally reclassified from the 2014 to the 2013 class he was assumed by many to be heading to Lexington to join the high profile, publicity loving crew that has been assembled by John Calipari. Anyone who has followed recruiting these last few years would hesitate to say that isn't going to still happen, but for whatever reason Kentucky isn't receiving much mention in the final hours of the Wiggins watch.

Given the method and manner of the announcement that might make sense. Kentucky tends to be involved in high profile, big publicity type events when it comes to recruits making their decisions known, especially this late in the game. Still Wiggins is the type of player with talent that can make his own way in a sense so it could just be a player doing things his way before cementing what would be a historic class.

If however this is going a different direction, which many seem to think it is at this point, Wiggins will join either Florida State and follow in his parents footsteps, or he will elevate one of two historic programs to a stronger level of contention in 2013-2014. At Kansas Wiggins will join a pair of five star recruits along with a few other incoming freshman put together by Bill Self. At North Carolina he'll join a host of returning players that could be coming into their own in 2013-2014.

It's going to be a big day for someone. The announcement takes place at 12:15 EST. One team, one coach and one program is going to be very happy this afternoon.