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Rio Adams Looks to Stay on at Kansas

Will Rio Adams be back in a Kansas uniform despite announcing his intent to transfer and receiving his release?

Jamie Squire

Last week Anrio Adams announced his intention to transfer from the University of Kansas via twitter and he was subsequently granted his release. Adams was a bit of a side act throughout the course of this season as he took his freshman lumps and sat more than he played while making a few waves via social media at various points during the season. The transfer announcement didn't come as a surprise as the move had been rumored for some time now.

What does come as a surprise is the sudden change of heart. In what is perhaps a case of sellers remorse Adams took to twitter again on Friday proclaiming his wish to return to Kansas saying, "I'm not going anywhere, I'm a Jayhawk for life"

Now the question seems to be whether or not Adams can return. Bill Self spent the weekend at the Final Four and the two will meet sometime this week, some have indicated that meeting will take place today. The prevailing thought appears to be that Adams won't be returning whether he wants to or not and that this was a two part decision and one that might need to stick whether Adams wants it to or not.

Now if that decision is being made due to academics or some other disciplinary action then that would be the right choice and all parties should move on while saving face. On the other hand, if this is simply a player who was impatient when it involved playing time and he has perhaps had a moment of clarity, then would it be such a bad thing to give him a second chance?

At the end of the day it's hard not to put the ball in Bill Self's court and trust in his decision. Kansas has had other players transfer in years past and despite some heartburn at the time, they turned out to be the right move for all parties. This may be the same situation, but Kansas is turning over an entire starting five and Adams is an athletic 6'3" guard that has shown some potential when looking toward the future. If Kansas has the space, why not keep him around if he seems content to wait his turn and earn his time?

This is probably a situation where it would be bad to get anyone's hopes up but Kansas should have a final decision soon with regards to Adams. Most likely that decision was already made and as he's done in the past, Adams just isn't making things easy on himself by taking his feelings to twitter instead of handling them internally with Bill Self.