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NCAA Tournament Memories: Danny and the Miracles

25 years ago today Danny Manning led the Kansas Jayhawks to their 2nd national title in a win over the Oklahoma Sooners.

Some of you won't remember the moment, some of you will remember it like it was yesterday. 25 years ago today Danny Manning and the Kansas Jayhawks took to the court against a heavy favorite in the Oklahoma Sooners. Kansas has struggled through the season but managed to earn their way to the championship game in Kansas City Missouri and on that night in April Danny Manning would carry Kansas to a National title. The championship was the second for Kansas and in a way it was the culmination of the reemergence of the Kansas program following the hire of Larry Brown.

What would follow would be the departure of Manning and Brown, the hiring of Roy Williams, fifteen great years with Williams and the most recent run with Bill Self which has included another title. The last 30 or so years have been very kind to Kansas basketball and the Jayhawk program embraces and reminds everyone of that tradition year after year. Danny Manning is still a legend in Lawrence Kansas and it was this night 25 years ago where that legend reached a new level.