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Hunter Mickelson Transfers To Kansas

The former 4 star recruit spent 2 years at Arkansas

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Hunter Mickelson, the 100th ranked player in the class of 2011 according to Rivals, will transfer to Kansas and be eligible to play in 2014-15 (three years to play two). Mickelson has put up subpar numbers in his first two years in Fayeteville. He averaged around 16.5 minutes per game for his first two years, and despite his height (6'10") he had just a 15.4% defensive rebounding percentage and 16.5% as a Sophomore. (which was second on the team, so it's not like he is awful, I just expect more from a 6'10" kid. Perhaps unfairly).

One thing he has shown the ability to do is block shots. Mickelson was 5th in the country as a Freshman in block percentage (13.5%), but that dropped to just over 8% last year. With Joel Embiid coming in and Jamari Traylor showing potential as a shot blocker Kanas could have three very good shot blockers manning the rim in two seasons.

Mickelson hasn't shot the ball too well either, shooting just 48% from two last year, and though he shot 74% at the rim, he took just half his attempts there. He shot just 23% on two point jumpers, and I imagine that is something Bill Self will tell him to get rid of.

Mickelson will be no doubt helped by a season of practice and getting to battle with Lucas, Traylor, Ellis and perhaps Tarik Black, who might be transferring in as well. Mickelson will also benefit from a season working with Andrea Hudy. I doubt he ever emerges as a long term starter for Kansas, but he should be a nice backup who can come in and block some shots and will be a good depth piece to what should be one of the best teams in the country.