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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 4.18.13

Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 4.18.13


Kansas Basketball

Building that will house original "Rules of Basket Ball" will be called the DeBruce Center |
The future home of James Naismith’s original “Rules of Basket Ball” on the Kansas University campus has a name, donations covering more than half its cost and an expected time for construction to begin: later this year

Opinion: Pro basketball, not Rubik's Cube, in Kevin Young's future |
“When I was in high school my junior year, I went out for the track team and went through almost every event they had until I found out what event I wanted to do,” Young said.

Florida Gulf Coast Eagles coaching search eyes assistants from Kansas Jayhawks, Ohio State Buckeyes, Oklahoma Sooners, source says - ESPN
Another school taking a crack at Joe Dooley. I hope at this point Dooley decides to stick it out at Kansas, he's really become one of the great assistants here for us and a bit of a legend as far as assistant coaches go.

Kansas Football

College Basketball

Meeting at the Watercooler to discuss Joe Lunardi's first 2013-14 bracket - college basketball - ESPN
Kentucky goes from NIT first round out to no. 1 and National Title favorite. Have fun with those expectations.

Grant Jerrett of Arizona Wildcats declares for NBA draft - ESPN
An example of "what's the point of the one year rule". Jerrett didn't start, nothing jumps off the page after one year in college, it's ALL about potential. So let's draft on potential out of high school, but if a guy goes...he stays for a bit or something.