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Kansas Releases Spring Football Depth Chart

Charlie Weis met with the media to discuss the upcoming spring football season and released an updated depth chart to kick things off.


Charlie Weis met with the media today to discuss the upcoming spring football season for the Kansas Jayhawks. Practices start tomorrow and will conclude with the spring football game on April 13th.

Below is an overview of the depth chart released today. More quotes and reaction to come.

X Andrew Turzilli (Jr.)
Justin McCay (Jr.)
LT Pat Lewandowski (Jr.)
Riley Spencer (Sr.)
LG Ngalu Fusimalohi (Jr.)
Damon Martin (So.)
C Dylan Admire (So.)
Gavin Howard (Sr.)
RG Mike Smithburg (Jr.)
Randall Dent (Sr.)
RT Aslam Sterling (Sr.)
Brian Beckmann (Fr.)
TE Jimmay Mundine (Jr.)
Charles Brooks (Sr.)
Z Tre' Parmalee (So.)
Chrstian Matthews (Sr.)
H James Sims (Sr.)
Taylor Cox (Sr.) OR Brandon Bourbon (Jr.)
QB Jake Heaps (Jr.)
Michael Cummings (So.)
F Tony Pierson (Jr.)
Colin Spencer (Fr.)

LE/T Jordan Tavai (Sr.)
Tedarian Johnson (Jr.)
N Ty McKinney (Jr.)
Tyler Holmes (Fr.)
RE/T Keon Stowers (Jr.)
Keba Agostinho (Jr.) OR Kevin Young (Sr.)
BUCK Chris Martin (Jr.)
Ben Goodman (So.) OR Michael Reynolds (So.)
SLB Courtney Arnick (Fr.)
Brian Maura (Jr.)
MLB Ben Heeney (Jr.)
Darius Willis (Sr.) Schyler Miles (So.) injured
WLB Jake Love (So.)
Victor Simmons (Jr.) Prinz Kande (Sr.) injured
CB Dexter McDonald (Jr.)
JaCorey Shepherd (Jr.)
SS Tevin Shaw (Fr.)
Ray Mitchell (Jr.)
WS Dexter Linton (Sr.)
Greg Allen (Fr.)
CB Cassius Sendish (Jr.)
Tyree Williams (So.) OR Nasir Moore (Jr.)

K Trevor Pardula (Jr.)
Eric Kahn (So.) OR Ron Doherty (Sr.)
P Trevor Pardula (Jr.)
Ron Doherty (Sr.)
LS Zackary Young (Sr.)
Reilly Jeffers (So.)
HOLD Blake Jablonski (Jr.)
Tre' Parmalee (So.)
KOR Tony Pierson (Jr.)
Brandon Bourbon (Jr.)
PR Tre' Parmalee (So.)
Nasir Moore (Jr.)

The initial reaction on the defensive line is certainly a good one. If everyone performs to expectation that group is going to make an impact this year and we