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NCAA Tournament 2013: Kansas Arrives in Kansas City

NCAA Tournament 2013: Kansas Arrives in Kansas City

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The Kansas Jayhawks hopped on a bus and made the short trip to Kansas City for the opening round of the NCAA tournament yesterday arriving in downtown Kansas City in the early evening. Kansas opes with Western Kentucky and should they win they will face the winner of North Carolina and Villanova.

This weekend marks the first step on the path to a Final Four for the top seed in the South region. Kansas was somewhat surprisingly the no. 2 overall seed in the tournament, but their path will not be an easy one. The Jayhawks have the benefit of being close to home this weekend, but the draw in the second game is going to be a tough one. North Carolina is young, but they have been improving of late and they have a team that can stretch the floor and hit threes. Villanova has already shown they are capable of knocking off some of the best teams in the country and they can pressure the Jayhawks defensively.

It all starts today with the first set of games, Kansas will tip tomorrow during the late time slot. If you're in Kansas City or close enough to get there, this is a hot ticket. Check out TiqIQ for the games in Kansas City this weekend. Also, TiqIQ has teamed up with Primesport for all NCAA tournament tickets. So get out to the Sprint Center and support the Hawks!