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Rock Chalk Talk 2013 Bracket Challenge

Rock Chalk Talk 2013 Bracket Challenge

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We have the appropriately coined "Warden's Bracket Challenge", but we also have the more traditional bracket challenge open for business and today is the LAST day to enter. Bryon has stepped up and set up a bracket with our partners at Yahoo and it's live, ready and waiting for you to make your picks.

Here's the link to the yahoo bracket challenge homepage: CLICK HERE!!!

League Group Name is Rock Chalk Talk and the ID# is: 29677

Password to enter is: rct

Now this time of year we get an opportunity to give some thing away from time to time. We'll add to this prize pack as we have the opportunity, I'll also do what I can do add a prize to Warden's bracket challenge because I'm a big fan of that challenge as well. For now, here goes the prize pack for the RCT 2013 Bracket Challenge with Yahoo!

Duece Brand is a producer of sports watches and they have offered up a set of three Kansas Jayhawk sports watches to the winner and one such watch to the runner up. Here's a pic!


Check out Deuce Brands and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

In addition to the watch, I'll be providing the winner with a little something from KUStore, Kansas Sampler or Jock's Nitch. I suppose I could be talked into somewhere else as well, those are just the websites I can think of that provide some solid Kansas gear. We'll go ANY ITEM UP TO $65 IN VALUE, that should include the shipping...sorry I'm raising two children or else I'd double that.

So there it is, enter into the bracket. Winner get's three watches for you and your friends as well as any Kansas apparel item (most likely a National Champion T-Shirt). Runner up gets a watch. Sound like plan?