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Kansas vs Kansas State: Reliving a Championship

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Kansas vs Kansas State: Reliving a Championship

Sometimes you don't get a chance to full appreciate something because the moment flies by so quickly. Here's a chance to look back on Saturday's dominating win over Kansas State in the Big 12 tournament title game. This win marks the third game this year where Kansas has beaten the Wildcats and leaves little doubt as to who the best team in this league is. Yes Kansas has had moments where they came up short against teams they should have beaten, but when push came to shove the Jayhawks beat the primary competition THREE times. Two of those wins were dominating performances and one was on the Wildcats home court.

It's an impressive way to put a stamp on the season and the Jayhawks did it because they understand what it's like to be in this position and they went out and took what they wanted. What a great weekend to be a Jayhawk fan and an exclamation point to the regular season. Now we turn our attention to the NCAA tournament, but make no mistake this has been a very memorable season already.