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Kansas vs Kansas State Open Game Thread: Big 12 Championship

Kansas vs Kansas State Open Game Thread: Big 12 Championship


Kansas swept the regular season series with Kansas State but were forced to share the title of Big 12 regular season champ with the Wildcats because of the Big 12's procedure for dealing with regular season ties. It's been the process for years, Kansas has benefited from it during their 9 year streak of consecutive conference titles. What's been nice about this is that almost every time this has happened, the two teams have played in the Big 12 tournament.

Now this is the first time a shared title occurred with the true round robin format so it's a little different. Regardless of who wins Kansas will still have beaten Kansas State at least two out of three times this year, but tonight's game probably has a big time tournament game feel to it because Kansas probably wants to show they don't need to share and Kansas State might want to prove they deserve it despite some of the criticism. Of course given the net cutting ceremony in Manhattan that doesn't seem to be a major concern of the Wildcats so it's going to be interesting.

Kansas spent a lot of emotion yesterday in turning back the Iowa State Cyclones in a third matchup. Kansas State and Oklahoma State was ugly and felt pretty empty for the most part. Is Kansas going to be spent? Can Kansas State turn things up a notch? This should be a good one and another great tune up heading into the big tournament. Rock Chalk!