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Big 12 Championship Tournament Open Thread: Opening Round

Big 12 Championship Tournament Open Thread: Opening Round

Robert Meggers

The opening round of the Big 12 tournament tips off this evening with two games before we head to the quarterfinals tomorrow. The bottom four teams in the league are battling to keep their seasons alive and see if they can do the near impossible, win four games in four days and earn a bid to the NCAA tournament.

First up we have Texas Tech and West Virginia. This will be the matchup that matters to Jayhawk fans as the winner will play Kansas on Thursday. Honestly the draw turned out pretty good for the Jayhawks, playing Texas would have likely been the most challenging of the possible matchups and the Longhorns are poised to take on Kansas State if they can beat TCU.

Texas Tech vs. West Virginia

7:00 pm

The second game of the night sees last place TCU look to score an upset win over a Texas Longhorn team that has underachieved all year.

TCU vs. Texas

9:30 pm

This is your game thread if you're watching. Use it for the Big 12, use it for the Big East, use it for the WAC if that's what you choose to do. It's a good time of year to be a basketball fan.