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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 3.13.13

Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 3.13.13

Kansas Basketball

Bill Self does his version of the Ben McLemore dance; Jack Harry says KU deserves Big 12 title | Seen it? |
At first Self doesn't dance, and then he does, going into full Ben McLemore mode.

KU embraces being the bad guy on the road -
“We love it,” Kansas senior Kevin Young says. “We say, ‘We just gotta have a party in the other team’s locker room.’ ”

KU’s Elijah Johnson grows into Jayhawks’ clear leader |
“In my opinion, I’ve always been a point guard,” Johnson said. “Ever since I was real young, I always have been able to rally people. It’s just been a part of my character. It’s just me, really.”

Big 12

Big 12 tournament promises to be unpredictable |
“I’ve never seen the league better, with more teams that can win your league tournament, than we have now,” said the Jayhawks’ Bill Self, whose team has won five of the last seven editions.

College Basketball

75 Moments of Madness - Presented by Toyota - NCAA Basketball -
Chalmers makes the list of iconic moments.

College Basketball Bubble Watch - UConn continues to be a riddle wrapped up in an enigma - NCAA Men's Basketball - ESPN
Latest Bracketology