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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 2.6.13

Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 2.6.13

Justin K. Aller

Kansas Football

Rise & Sign: National Signing Day rockin' and rollin' as letters arriving quickly in Lawrence | Tale of the Tait |
Live blog from Matt Tait.

Kansas Basketball

Close shots partly to blame for Elijah Johnson's offensive struggles | The Newell Post |
Johnson has held back the Jayhawks offense. The offensive rating statistic (using a long but trusted formula) tells us how many points a player produces per 100 possessions on his own. This number is used with usage percentage, which tells what percentage of a team's possessions a player ends (average is 20 percent).

Kansas Track!!!! Hey we're no. 1

KU women's track earns No. 1 ranking |
Nothing really to the story, more of a note.

College Football

Signing Day 2013: The predictive capability of recruiting rankings - College Football -
But with National Signing Day just two days away, a bigger question looms: How accurately do team recruiting rankings predict on-field performance?

2013 Football Recruiting Team Rankings
Another sites take on the team rankings. I'd take a top 50 program over a bottom 10 for sure, but I hope we can move the needle higher in future years.

College Basketball

Bubble Watch: Tough decisions ahead as Selection Sunday approaches - College Basketball -
I like the bubble watch. Usually because we aren't on it I guess.

Does the lack of a dominant team help or hurt college basketball? | CollegeBasketballTalk
I prefer a few dominating teams myself.