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Kansas vs. Iowa State: One of Those Games

Kansas vs. Iowa State: Video Highlights

We've talked about special teams and special years and at times this team didn't have that feel. They had their backs against the wall and they've fought there way out of it with three really big wins since the three game losing streak and they've handled business in different ways. It's what makes Kansas basketball special as a program.

I think the Big 12 is in good hands right now. Bruce Weber is doing a nice job at Kansas State, he's a good coach and I think he has found a good fit. Fred Hoiberg will continue to put together solid teams in Ames. Travis Ford can recruit at a high level and Lon Kruger has the ability to get Oklahoma back on track. We all know Rick Barnes has the ability to recruit at a championship level and Bill Self's record speaks for itself.

At some point the streak is going to end, the competition is improving and it's going to be more and more difficult with every game. But If this team goes on to win the Big 12 this year and extend the streak to nine, the game in Hilton and the game in Stillwater will be two of the more memorable ones from this journey. They were the games that had me out of my seat and not caring what anyone else in the room was thinking as I made a complete fool of myself due to the excitement of the moment.