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Big 12 Update: Wednesday D-Day

Wednesday night the Kansas Jayhawks travel to Stillwater to take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday night the Kansas Jayhawks travel to Stillwater to take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys in a game that could mark a pretty big turning point in the Big 12 title chase for one of those teams. The Cowboys and the Jayhawks both sit at 9-3 while Kansas State currently sits at 10-3. The winner moves into a tie atop the league, the loser now has to sit and wait for help down the stretch.

At the moment the Big 12 title might be one of the most compelling in the country with three teams vying for the league title and all three teams playing good basketball. The Cowboys had a scare this weekend against Oklahoma but generally speaking they are a talented team that has really come into their own. Kansas State has rebounded in impressive fashion following their loss to the Jayhawks a week ago and they are also playing solid basketball at the moment.

As for the Jayhawks, things are looking much improved over the last week and Kansas is heading into a tough stretch with at least a little bit of momentum following a win over Kansas State and a dismantling of Texas. The road schedule is the concern. Kansas has an easy road at home, but Wednesday's trip to Stillwater alongside trips to Ames and Waco make for a difficult road.

Right now three teams sit at three losses. If anyone runs the table they'll win the league outright. Now the question is whether four losses could do the same. At what point do teams share the title? Four losses, five losses? There are five games left on the Kansas State schedule, six for Kansas and Oklahoma State. All three of these teams have experienced a skid in the past, but all three are playing well right now. It will be a wild few weeks, but Wednesday night is critical for Kansas if they hope to push for nine consecutive league titles.