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Kansas Basketball Recruit Wayne Selden Named McDonald's All American

Wayne Selden Named McDonald's All American


In the college basketball world of recruiting, the McDonald's All American status has always been the defacto measure of who is the best of the best in the high school game. While some of it has turned a bit political and that status doesn't hold the same weight it might have at one time, the McDonald's All American game is still viewed as a big honor.

Over the years the Jayhawks have had their share of recruits honored as McDonald's All Americans, Perry Ellis being the most recent player of note. Bill Self and Kansas are once again adding to that list with one selection as part of the 2013 class in 6'5" shooting guard Wayne Selden.

Selden reclassified into the 2013 class from the 2014 class and committed to Kansas after a visit this Fall. Selden is a well built shooting guard/wing prospect that will be able to step in and help Kansas transition next season with a very young roster.

Selden was the Jayhawks only selection, Kentucky set a record with five players on the roster and they still have Andrew Wiggins has yet to decide. Florida and Duke each had two players selected with Arizona likely to join that list if undecided Aaron Gordon's signs with the Wildcats as expected.