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Kansas Loses to Colorado on Last Second Shot

A place to vent, fume, or whatever about the Jayhawks loss to the Buffaloes on Saturday.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclaimer: I was working games yesterday afternoon and haven't even been able to watch the game yet.  Therefore, I'm not going to add a lot about the game other than provide everyone with a place to discuss what happened and diagnose what needs to happen going forward.  A couple losses at this point in the season shouldn't be that surprising, this is a young team.  This should not be ignored.  The squad only has two players that played significant minutes last year with neither player being a focal point before.  The sky is not falling.

So leaving it up to you guys, what needs to happen heading forward?  Just remember, two last second shots don't fall and this team could be undefeated and likely ranked #1 in the nation next week.  We would be loving on them for being tough and "knowing how to win" and playing lock down defense to cause misses at the end.  However, since those shots fell, people are going to question if they know how to win and their toughness.  Don't let that be you, at least not because of the outcome of the games.