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Rock Chalk Mailbag

Today's mailbag has questions about Wayne Selden, Bowl Games, Landen Lucas, and a royal rumble to end all royal rumbles

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if we are talking about tonight against Toledo, who knows. A person can look at a team's defense or how they defend or whatever else, but it's impossible to tell what game a player will have a breakout in. But if he will at some point? Yes. Selden hasn't shot the ball a lot this year - just 19.4% of the shots when on the floor - but he has shot really well. He's shooting 56.5% from two and shooting 37% from three. He's struggling at two point jumpers, but he's shooting almost as well as Joel Embiid around the rim, so it would be nice (obviously) to see him shoot more.

Selden has struggled in a lot of other areas: he's not a great rebounder despite his size for a guard, and he hasn't defended well at all this year, but he's a deceptively good shooter and should be doing that a lot more.

this is another one where it's tough to be completely sure, but SDSU is ranked 40ish spots higher in KenPom, and even though Toledo is undefeated and has the 12th ranked offense according to KenPom, they are a horrible defensive team and it could get pretty ugly. San Diego State, meanwhile, is a much better defensive team than they are offensive, and I think (though I haven't looked it up) it is easier to stay close with Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse if you're a defense oriented team.

there is talk that they might up the requirements to make a bowl game to 7 wins in a season, so in that case it would probably be the 2300 Hydrox Bowl, but if it stays at 6 I think they can get there by the end of the Weis era. They're getting more talented every year, and while there is a long way to go to catch up, they should (hopefully?) get there in a couple years. They get Iowa State and TCU in Lawrence next year, so if they win all of their nonconference games (I know Duke made the ACC title game, but it was the ACC title game) and win both of those, maybe they can pull of an upset somewhere? (/mainlines kool aid)

as president of the Landen Lucas fanclub since last year, I think he is. He is grabbing roughly 15 rebounds per 40 minutes this year (for the record, Embiid is at about 12.5), shooting well from the floor, and doesn't look lost on defense. Obviously he's not going to start or anything next year, but I feel really good about him backing up Ellis and Alexander next year and then getting potentially starting minutes as a Junior and Senior.

the biggest guys on the team are probably Black and Traylor, so they're immediately the favorite. However, Joel Embiid has killed a lion with his bare hands, so he's probably the winner. (unless Bill Self joins in, then he wins by default)