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Kansas Football Recruiting: Jayhawks Add a Pair of Offensive Lineman

Kansas Football Recruiting: Jayhawks Add a Pair of Offensive Lineman

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

At this point it's difficult to get overly excited about football recruiting.  Some prospects pan out, others don't, but either way the results haven't been overwhelming at Kansas for the better part of five years now.  At the same time recruiting is the future of the program and if you're building a foundation that can develop into a possible winner you want to do it up front with your offensive and defensive lines.  If there is one way that Kansas can move the needle, it's going to be with well built, experienced line play.

Over the weekend Charlie Weis hosted a group of recruits and at the end of that time Kansas has added two new junior college commitments that will bring further competition to the offensive line group.  Jayhawkslant is reporting that Devon Williams and Keyon Haughton from Georgia Military Academy have committed to the Kansas Jayhawks.  Williams is a 6'5" 335 pound offensive tackle that could probably play at either the guard or tackle spot for Kansas while Haughton is listed at 6'2" 295 and most certainly projects on the interior.

The two play for a team at the junior college level that will be playing for a National championship this coming weekend and both of course follow in the footsteps of Keon Stowers who joined the Jayhawks from the same school two years ago.  Stowers has turned into a pretty solid ambassador for the program and a solid contributor, it would be great if Kansas could see similar returns from these two on the other side of the ball.