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Weird Wednesday

Our periodic look at the insanity and hilarity of the sporting world.

Welcome to another edition of Weird Wednesday. First things first, we have a new returning champion. Congrats to "A Little to the Left" for taking down the "Goat Diaper Dandies".

Here comes a new round of challengers. But first, the Honorable Mentions.

The Most Impressive/Awful Video Christmas Card You'll See This Year

Has some sports related parts, so it qualifies. This was extremely disturbing, especially when he starts bragging about his vasectomy. In sure it would probably win, but on principle, I can't allow this to ever be the winner.

The Last Thing You'll Ever Eat

Turduckens are a Thanksgiving staple these days, but this is some crazy stuff.

Seven-Year-Old Writes Supportive Letter To Injured Bengals Punter

Heartwarming letter in response to this brutal hit.

And now, on to the contenders...

#5 - Malaga's Eliseu Boomerangs In A Goal With Crazy Spin

This changes direction so quickly, it's almost like some invisible little man kicked it in midair

#4 - Cool-Ass Little Girl Gives Luis Suárez Taste Of His Own Medicine

This would have been higher if she hadn't tried to shake his hand as he walked away.

#3 - Joseph Fauria Scores, Dances

Both infatuating and frightening, I really don't know what to do with this dance.

#2 - Mike Dunleavy Hits Half-Court Buzzer-Beater To Lose By Fewer

Nothing like celebrating a game-winner... that doesn't win the game.

#1 - Bootsy Collins Made A Christmas Song About Peyton Manning

The animation on this video is amazing. It belongs up there with other great Lego titles.

So let's hear it. Are any of these worthy of unseating our reigning champ?