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Rock Chalk Mailbag

this week's mailbag talks three pointers, zone offense, and Sporting KC

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I really got into Sporting KC back when they were the Wizards and Bensa took me to a game, back when they played at a baseball stadium. It was a horrible atmosphere for a soccer game but I still had a ton of fun (I don't even remember the outcome of the game), and an MLS fan was born.

Between the major comeback needed to beat New England, the major comeback needed to beat Houston, and going down a goal to RSL, I didn't think SKC had any horseshoes left in the tank. I certainly didn't think so when going to penalties against a guy like Nick Rimando. And I really really didn't think so after Graham Zusi skied the potential winning PK. But time and time again SKC pulled it out of their ass and brought home a title. The bad news is that, combined with Saskatchewan's Grey Cup title two weeks ago, my teams are probably set on championships for the next 5 years or so.

I'll be attending my first game in Lawrence since 2007 in January against San Diego State.  We'll be traveling north to the game from Nashville, TN.  At that time I was 17 and don't remember much about the on goings around campus.  I'll have my 18 year old brother with me and this will be his first game in Lawrence.  What should we get into?  I remembering touring the fieldhouse but I'd like to get us out and about more to experience everything we can.
-From Steven Y.

We had a big "What to do in Lawrence" thread on the site a  year or so back, but of course I can't find it now. With an 18 year old some of the more iconic/fun stuff (eg. the Wheel and the Sandbar) are going to be off limits, but I would propose these 5 must do things:

1. Touring Allen Fieldhouse/the Booth Hall of Athletics

I know it's in the question, but it is a must do.

2. Lawrence Memorial Park and Oak Hill Cemetary

They're right next to each other on 15th Street. Oak Hill has the gravestone of Phog Allen, and Memorial Park has the gravestone of one James Naismith. Bonus factoid: while there is a big shrine to Naismith at the entrance to the park, his actual plot is back and to the west (I think. Don't quote me; I'm doing this by memory).

3. Eating at the Burger Stand and Rudy's

They're both on Massachusetts Street, one on the corner of Mass and 8th, the other near the corner of Mass and 7th. They're the best two places to eat in Lawrence by far, and both give off a really good vibe/atmosphere as well.

I'll open up the rest to the comments section, keeping in mind there is an under 21er tagging along.

Why is Kansas struggling from three so much?

-From Mike L

I talked about this a little in yesterday's post, but a lot of it is who is seeing a lot of playing time. None of Mason, Wiggins or Selden are very good outside shooters, and Tharpe probably isn't the 38% guy he's been so far this year. If Kansas wants to make more threes, White, Greene and Frankamp need to play more. While they'd be giving away some defensively with those guys in, it's not like they couldn't be hidden on a guy (and it's not like Kansas is playing lock down defense anyways). With the strong correlation between merely attempting threes, not even making them, it would behoove Bill Self to play some guys who will take some shots from deep.

What is with Kansas struggling against the zone?

-From Jeff R.

Kansas's struggles against the zone on Saturday were, I think, a bit overblown. I've yet to rewatch the game,and I don't have a breakdown of PPP on possessions against the zone (but I will by the end of the day), but Kansas shot 71% from two in the game, so I have to think the reason they looked so bad was 1. it just looked bad and 2. they didn't make enough threes. Hopefully sometime later this week I'll have a video breakdown of some of their good and bad looking possessions against the zone and we can see what went wrong. Based solely off memory, however, it looked like not enough threes for guys like White and Frankamp when they were in, and they did a poor job of getting the ball to Perry Ellis when he was open. I expect to see a lot more man to man from Florida tonight, but we'll have to wait and see if Ellis can score over a guy like Patric Young.