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Kansas vs. Louisiana Monroe Open Game Thread

Kansas vs. Louisiana Monroe Open Game Thread

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas wrapped up the preseason on Tuesday and tips off the regular season tonight. Of course the game on everyone's mind is coming up on Tuesday, but tonight the games start to count in the win/loss column so it's an opportunity to play for real so to speak.

Andrew Wiggins is coming off of a disappointing game in the eyes of some, but the intensity should start to dial up a bit here with the start of the season. And let's not forget the bevy of talent on the roster that doesn't have unreasonable expectations because those guys are all working hard and competing day in and day out at a pretty high level. If you've watched the preseason games you've seen the heavy rotation, you've seen the potential at some many different positions with so many different faces. This is far from a finished product, but this could be one of those really fun years where we get to watch a group of players develop and come together as a team that really has an opportunity to make some noise later in the season.

Tons of talent, great coaching, it's Kansas basketball and it's back tonight. It feels good to say that. Enjoy!