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Weird Wednesday: Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

Our look at the hilarity and absurdity of the sports world.

Wide assortment of weird news for this week including a gem from the dark side of the border. See, it appears that one of two things have happened, either the AD at Misery has grown a conscience and acquired a sense of moral decency (although rumor is he stole it), or they have finally resigned themselves to the fact that we will no longer be making visits to Paige Arena. What else could explain the fact that they have kicked the Antlers out of the arena for the second time this year (H/T PenHawk) for comments that seemed to be normal conversation at prior KU games there? If they felt there was any way that we were ever coming back, this wouldn't have even been discussed.

Honorable Mentions:

No, Soccer Player Didn't Dedicate His Goal To A Family Guy Character

Suspicious timing. But as far as I'm concerned, it was meant for both. #RIPBrian

Martin St. Louis Honored For 1,000 NHL Games, Scores Goal, Falls Down

As far as I can tell, he's just getting practice for the Olympics

The Patriots Might Have An Audible Named For Belichick's Girlfriend

Alex Rodriguez's MLB Lawsuit Now Includes This Dumb Photo

Because nothing says "clear bias" like letting a random kid take a picture with you while wearing a mildly amusing (and likely completely true) t shirt.

And now to the countdown:

#5 - Is There A Single Knick Who Didn't Completely #%@& Up On This Play?

Yes, I censored the headline, and yes the play was THAT bad.

#4 - Long Snapper Trick-Shot Video Knows Your Opinion Of Long Snapping

Because nothing says talent like throwing balls between your legs.

#3 - The Houston Rockets Attempt To Sing The Dreidel Song

Just epic... I really wanted to put this one higher, but I just couldn't do it.

#2 - Dwyane Wade Cartwheel-Bombs LeBron Interview

Guess his knee is feeling better. Overall, this was just awkward, but at least he stayed on his feet.

#1 - Cops Pull Over Jose Canseco With Fainting Goats Wearing Diapers In His Car (H/T gatorhawk)

The only thing that could make this better is if the goats were wearing Fart Filtering Underwear (H/T fizzle406) instead of diapers.

So there you have it. Can any challenger from this week de-throne last week's winner?