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Rock Chalk Mailbag

Today the mailbag tackles who is the best team in the country, the new rules, and the best foods on Thankgiving

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If we are talking about best team right now, I still think it's Michigan State. They're 5th in KenPom, but they have a wealth of experience, can beat teams both inside and outside, and I don't think they've totally adjusted to the new rules yet. They did struggle against Columbia (and Oklahoma), but every elite team either has struggled or is going to struggle against an inferior opponent, so I don't really hold that against them.

As for Kansas, my feeling that they have the highest ceiling in the country still holds, but they do have some things to fix still. They're allowing opponents to take too many shots at the rim and make too many of those shots, and they're just not forcing turnovers. The turnover thing isn't as big of an issue when considering they don't allow offensive rebounds and their offense is good enough to not need the help of easy baskets, but it would still be beneficial to see some more, obviously.

What are your feelings on the new rules?

-From Josh Q.

I don't hate them anymore. The Iona game wasn't called badly in terms of fouls, and they allowed more contact in the post which I think is a must. Sure basketball might not be basketball with all of the grabbing and handchecking and stuff but you have to allow guys to make contact in the post. The other point I already made in my recap was about verticality. I obviously don't have hard evidence to back this up but it seems like whenever there is contact below the basket it's an automatic foul on the defense, despite the defense being allowed to stand straight up, and even jump straight up. Other than that I think players and refs alike are starting to adjust, and by the time conference season rolls around we should have a pretty great product to watch night in and night out.

What is the best Thanksgiving food?

-From Mike L.

Ah, Thanksgiving. Probably the best holiday because you can gorge on food, watch football, and not have the stress of buying any gifts for anyone. It's perfect. The top 8 Thanksgiving foods, in reverse order:

8. Ham

Some people have ham on thanksgiving. It's weird, just do turkey, but whatever.

7. Mashed potatoes

By themselves they are a bit blah, and any food that needs to be jazzed up gets a low ranking

6. Turkey

Turkey: it's good for  you (I think. Whatever). And you have tons of options. Do you like the breast, the drummies, the wings, the internal organs? It's all there for you. Personally, give me a wing and a drumstick and I am set

5. Gravy

Gravy gets its own listing because gravy is awesome. You can put it on your mashed taters, your turkey, your stuffing, whatever you want. It can be spicy, thick, thin, creamy, the list goes on and on. And, you can save the leftovers, grab some french fries and cheese curds, and make your own poutine. There's a life changing tip for you.

4. Dressing/stuffing

We always originally make ours by shoving it up the turkey's butt, then taking it out and finishing it off by itself to give it that nice crust .The result: a delightful mix of crusty and soft, with the bread, veggies and applesauce (seriously) all meshing to give you a wonderful concoction of flavors.

3. Pumpkin pie

It doesn't get any more thanksgiving than pumpkin pie (well except the next 2 dishes). Add some whipped cream on top and bam. Enjoy your nap afterwards.

2. Apple pie

The greatest dessert ever invented. My aunt makes an apple pie every Thanksgiving and I inevitably end up eating about half of it (I always get to take it home, I'm not THAT much of a glutton). Use fresh apples inside, have a nice fluffy crust on top, and top with ice cream at your leisure. Try not to eat the whole pie, you fat slob.

1. Green bean casserole.

The number 1 food item on thanksgiving, with the added bonus that it features vegetables so you can eat a ton and not feel guilty. To make, grab canned green beans (I know it sounds weird, but canned green beans are so much better than the fresh or steamed ones) and add in creme of mushroom soup. Then, when it's done, top with french fried onions. Lastly, leave your eating utensils in the drawer because you are just going to put a bib on and dive into that badboy face first.